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Signature Facials

Our Signature Facials are customized to our guests' skin care needs.  Guests of all ages enjoy a refreshing deep cleansing, skin-renewing exfoliation, healing masque and rejuvenating massages.

Glow & Go Facial - 45 minutes - $55


An express facial designed to brighten and refresh, resulting in glowing skin.


Refreshing Facial - 60 minutes - $75 


An introductory facial experience designed with you in mind! This customized facial combines relaxation and a refining treatment for the face, neck and decollete leaving the skin nourished and renewed.  If you’ve never had a facial or want a refreshing skin maintenance treatment, this one is for you!

Rejuvenation Facial - 75 minutes - $95


A customized facial to address your skin concerns & needs, using advanced tools and professional, nutrient-rich products, leaving your skin renewed and revitalized.  This is a great treatment if you wish to improve your complexion from minor breakouts, reduce fine lines & wrinkles or address uneven skin tone.

Restoration Facial - 90 minutes - $125


A specialized treatment to begin to repair your skin concerns by combining advanced tools and non-invasive procedures designed to maximize results.  This intensive facial treatment is ideal if your skin is challenged by major acne breakouts, scarring, major discoloration of the skin and/or fine lines & wrinkles.

OxyRevival 3-in-1 Super Facial - 90 minutes - $145, 3 for $369


Exfoliation, Infusion & Oxygenation for all skin types.  This nourishing, rejuvenating 3-in-1 facial experience is offers multiple benefits, making your skin brighter, smoother and younger looking after your first treatment.  Key benefits are:

 - Skin Plumping & Hydration

 - Restored Skin Volume

 - Renewed Youthful Appearance

 - Reduced Hyperpigmentation

 - Reduced Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

 - Pore Size Reduction

 - Skin Tightening


Results of this super-facial are seen after one treatment, making it a great service in advance of a special event.


Depending upon skin condition and concerns, more frequent treatments may be recommended – as often as every two weeks to once a month until optimal results are achieved.

Gentlemen's Facial Treatment - 60 minutes - $85


Designed for men, this customized treatment provides deep pore cleansing and exfoliation, eases irritation as a result of shaving, releases any congestion due to clogged pores and/or ingrown hair and restores the skin’s vitality and hydration.  

Teen Facial - 75 minutes - $55

Customized first time facial treatment designed specifically for teens who are seeing changes in their skin health, texture and tone.  With deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if applicable) and nourishing serums & mask, your skin will be refreshed and renewed. Home care instructions will be provided.

Teen Facial Treatment Series - 60 minutes - Price varies

Based on consultation, concerns and skin analysis, a customized treatment plan will be developed and price will be determined.

Advanced Modalities

LED Phototherapy|Microcurrent|Radio Frequency|Ultrasound|High Frequency

Chemical Peels


Series of chemical peel treatments are available upon consultation and skin analysis during a facial treatment.  Pre- and post-care is required.