Introducing DiVa Steam

Long before I became an esthetician, I envisioned owning a day spa. I wanted to offer a sanctuary for women to let down their hair and practice self-care. My vision was inspired by a former chiropractor's office, a former dermatologist's practice and a day spa in Washington, DC.

I chose the Trolley Square location because the multiple treatment rooms allow space for another practitioner and independent business owner to serve women in a nurturing way. What I didn't know for sure was the practitioner or the discipline. I met April, owner of DiVa Steam, while I was moving out of My Salon Suites. She came to view former space with the owners and I was impressed with her right away! I scurried out of the suite and sat in my car to allow her to look at the space. Lo and behold, April parked next to me and when she saw me, she came over to chat. Long story short, we clicked! I invited her to look at the rooms available at Trolley Square and she wanted to sublease.

Her passion for the ancient practice of vaginal (yoni) steaming was evident. Her plans for her business were impressive. To top it off, April is really a sweetheart. She's a nurturer and really takes great care of her guests.

Click DiVa Steam to find out more about vaginal steaming and follow her on Instagram.

Meet April!

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